Just a little bit about me

          Serendipity. When people ask me how did I get to where I am now, I tell them I simply hit a stroke of serendipity. To me, it is the most exquisite feeling to find something that you love in such an indescribable way. The love I have for art runs far deeper than fame or money. I just want my art to be seen, to make a difference. Art for me is so much more than a hobby, it is my dream and my future. Every single piece that I make holds a part of my soul and I want to be able to share this part of myself with the world.
          I decided after high school that I was going to take the safe route and attend nursing school at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. I knew that this was not at all my passion but the job outlook was great, I would be able to help people, and knew I would never struggle to survive. After attending college on and off for a few years, I realized I would never be truly happy unless I was creating beautiful objects to be placed into the world. This is how I started Kerstin Lanette Art, to share not only the beauty of art, but to evoke emotions and share new moments created from old ones.
          My portraits are meant to capture a vibrant and realistic depiction of your loving pets that can be kept for a lifetime to celebrate the ones still with you and the ones that can no longer be seen. Every single portrait that I create holds a special place in my heart. I pride myself on getting to know every sweet pet that I am recreating and sharing my progress with customers along the way because I understand the impact that animals have on us.
          In the process of achieving my dreams, I also want to transform the world that we live in. I believe strongly in the protection of animals which is why I have decided to donate 5% of the commission for each piece of art sold to local animal shelters and towards the mission to stop animal cruelty and neglect. I absolutely love creating beautiful art and allowing it to filter throughout this world, but in the end, I want to be remembered as humble and kind; as someone who truly wanted to change beating hearts.